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Lenovo TS440 E3-1245 Questions, Suggestions, Advice


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I am thinking of getting this server to use as a MediaCenter with a Ceton 4 channel tuner. I am currently using my desktop, an old I7-920 PC with 12GB of RAM and a 4TB hard drive (almost full). This PC is about 6 years old and needs updating.


I use Windows Media Center (Windows 7 right now) to record the TV shows and movies, then I use MCE Buddy to strip out the commercials and convert the file to MP4, and I archive the original .WTV. The stripping and conversion taxes my old PC. I need a system that will take care of this as well as play some basic games like Diablo 3. It will also run PLEX to distribute the video.


From what I can tell the Lenovo TS440 with the XEON E3-1245 and 8 Bays for hard drives will fit what I need with room to grow.


I am concerned with having to buy additional 8 trays @ $20 each as well as a RAID key @ $100. Is this the right server for this? Is anyone using this server with the newer Xeon and 8 drives? It seems like a good deal with a base price of $399 with this processor and 4GB of RAM.


Any help, suggestions or comments is greatly appreciated.

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I purchased a TS140 on Black Friday for a similar scenario.


I ended up buying the i3 model and upgrading the CPU to a E3-1245 and eBay'ing the i3, which ended up saving me money.


I also have a pile of parts to install in it still... EVGA GTX750ti, EVGA 430w PSU, Lenovo I350T2 NIC, 16GB Crucial RAM, Crucual MX100 240GB SSD. Most all of these were purchased on Black Friday sales, or after Christmas sales. I still have barely shy of $1k invested.


As for storage, its obviously my opinion... but I believe a longer lasting solution is a decent NAS. I chose a Synology 1513+ last year and its FANTASTIC! I populated with 5-3TB Reds and have a 2GB bonded network link to the Thinkserver. Speed is spectacular! Maybe I'll actually do the hardware upgrades this weekend and post a few pics.



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I just bought the TS440 with the E3-1245 V3 to replace an HP EX495 MediaSmart server.  I will be setting it up this week.  I have had so much trouble with HP dropping eSATA drives all the time and have battled it for years.  The ability to hold 8 drives internally (10 if you use the 5.25 bays) is a plus and will allow me to get rid of the eSATA external enclosure drive problems I hope.  I also use WMC 7 on a HTPC and this server will be primarily a media server running WHS 2011 for the time being.   I will let you know how it all works out. 


I know your post is from a few months back, so not sure if you ever purchased the TS440 or not.


I was looking at the TS140, but in the end it didn't hold enough drives internally, and that's a  problem I am trying to resolve without external enclosures or a DIY Norco solution.

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