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Microserver Gen 8: POST Error 261 - Server Platform Services Firmware requires update


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i get this POST Error on every boot up. It says:
POST Error 261 - Server Platform Services Firmware requires update. Action: Please run the Server Platform Services Firmware Flash Component to update this firmware.
Unfortunately I was unable to find the Firmware. I did update ILO4, System ROM and Intelligent Provisioning but still get this error. Besides everything seems to work fine, I would like to get rid of this error message. I found posts on different forums where people have a SPS Firmware Where can I find that?
Here are my current firmware versions:
HP ProLiant System ROM 06/06/2014
HP ProLiant System ROM - Backup 11/09/2013
HP ProLiant System ROM Bootblock 02/04/2012
iLO 2.03 Nov 07 2014
Intelligent Provisioning 1.61.45
Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware
System Programmable Logic Device Version 0x06
Thanks in advance
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