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Rookie Linux Storage Question


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Is there a Linux alternative to Drive pool? I am familiar with openmediavault but am unaware if it has drive pool or any other Linux storage OS for that matter. Im seeking replication as a backup solution.Thanks


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There are a few other solutions as well.


ZFS is a well endorsed linux solution. However, keep in mind that it is very memory intensive.

It's generally recommended to ONLY use ECC when using ZFS, and recommended 1GB of memory for each 1TB of storage.


There is also FlexRAID. It's not as memory intensive, but it is just as well endorsed as ZFS.



In fact:



I would highly recommend the site (no affiliation) for finding alternate software.

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Openmediavault has a Greyhole plugin too.

OMV also has these three other options (via plugin)





MergeFS added in the last week or so

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