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Any deals on Gen8


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Yes it will be a seagate with a hp badge


worst hd's on the market for reliability..

the only thing i can think of is maybe hp insist on

auto head park after 8 seconds is disabled on the hp badged ones


its been on for a fair few years now on seagates

and you have to manually disable it on every boot with hdparm


that would take reliability up a fair bit

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What I've noticed is that it seems that certain, particular models of Seagate HDD are unreliable. Others seem to be just fine. The problem is that Seagate makes it very hard to easily identify which drives are reliable. They don't have a colour scheme like WD. I simply avoid WD Greenies. There may be a model or 2 in the Green line of drives that are reliable, but who cares? I can simply avoid the whole line and save myself the headache of figuring out which exact drives are OK and which to avoid. It's not like there's a shortage of drive models from which to choose.

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The only difference between the greens and reds is tler is enabled in the firmware on red's

so if you dont use raid there is zero difference from a reliability point of view

as they are both the same drives at the hardware level


I just wish samsung where still around you could enable or disable tler as required at the firmware level


both red and green feature 8 second head parking which i perm disable with wdidle3

which gives wd a huge advantage over seagate

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sorry shonk, that's not quite true. Red drives have dynamic vibration dampening. WD calls it 3D Active Balance Plus. Green drives don't have it. And it's a really big deal if you're looking for drives that will last a long time.


TLER is important, sure, but it's really only important because RAID controllers tend to drop drives that don't respond in the timeframe they expect. Dynamic Vibration Dampening is important because it actually contributes to lower noise, cooler running, and longevity.


So they're not the same drives at the hardware level.

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