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New Gen8 Owner with HDD not detected

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Hi All


Have recently purchased a Gen8 as a test platform for learning about Virtualisation and in particular Hyper V and Server 2012.


I have purchased a single WD RED 1TB HDD for now, and some extra ram, but i cannot get the Gen8 to detect the HDD. I have installed the drive I would hope correctly in the caddy, and have tried a couple of different slots with no change, but every time it boots when it gets to the array listing it says no drives were detected so wondered if anyone could suggest where I may be going wrong ?


All items were purchased new, so I'm assuming its not hardware related but not ruling it out.


Thanks in advance.

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What Joe_Miner says is probably the problem but, if it doesn't work, you may have to open the chassis and check the plug that connects the drive cage to the motherboard. Quite a number of people, including Joe_Miner, have had issues with it. In one case, the plug was inserted backwards. In the others, it just wasn't inserted far enough into the motherboard connector.

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Thanks for the replies


I had a play with the b120i, but it would never detect a drive, always told me there were no physical drives attached to the system, so to the case off and had a good look around, and it turns out that the red wire going into one of the connectors going in to the drive cage was completely out of its connector, once re-inserted, the drive is detected and I have now got it set-up in Raid 0.


I find it hard to believe that this could of passed QC surely, but it's done now , i just need to re-crimp it properly. 


Thanks for the replies.

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I find it hard to believe that this could of passed QC surely, 


You make the assumption that there is any QC at all...these things are built under such tight margins they're not checked.  The customer does the QC, and warranty fixes it if it's broken.  It's been the same for years on low-end machines.

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I hate being right about these things, because of what it says about the product, and what it means for people who have zero hardware skills, but I'm also glad it's such a simple fix.

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