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WHS 2011 Connector re-install


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Thanks again for the information.


In the past I used a program called "Bootit NG", which is now "BootitBM" where the BM stands for "Bare Metal". It has stand-alone capability and a Windows, DOS, and Linux backup version. The Windows version will go across a network, and it comes with a utility to capture individual files out of the image. I suggest you check it out. It also handles multi-boot functions very well if you like to run multiple OSes on the same platform. I do not have a financial interest of any sort in this company. www.terrabyteunlimited.com


Because BootitBM will backup to network drives, I was thinking of a "dual backup" situation for my "big" PC. Knocking out this PC really cost me. I'm also considering buying a 512Gb SSD to replace my two RAID 0 SSDs to simplify recovery. I'd like to be able to recover to a hard disk instead of a SSD if it happens again, although I know there is probably a driver issue. I'm thinking RAID 0 is too fragile for non-data center use. One of my buddies said RAID 0 10,000RPM disks worked almost as well as SSDs, but that probably isn't true anymore.


My understanding is I can do a "re-install" on WHS. I think part of my problem was the server board I use has IPMI V2, and uses a "shared" RJ45. I think there might be some configuration I was supposed to do to separate the IPMI from regular ethernet use. I am not currently getting backups to run anymore (no explanation for that), and I have a backup for all my shares. Anything I need to know?


I've checked this post several times for typos, but my eyes are getting bad. Sorry.

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