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WHS 2011 Connector re-install


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Now WHS 2011 says there are no backups for any user, but all my shares seem to be fully functional. At this point the shares are by far the most important, but I dislike the idea of no backups for any machine.

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If this is after a reinstall then I believe that's normal. IIRC, there is a way to get all the previous backups available again. If it was me, what I would do is:

  1. make sure I have a good BMR backup of the server's boot drive;
  2. use Windows Explorer to make a copy of the Client Computer Backups folder;
  3. delete everything in Client Computer Backups;
  4. restore Client Computer Backups from the previous install to Client Computer Backups in the current install.
  5. reboot the server and see if previous backups are now available.

It's something to try. If it doesn't work, just restore everything from the backups and carry on.

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The reinstall hasn't been done...yet. I understand #1, but doesn'r #2 require understanding the cryptic WHS folder naming conventions? Besides that, I'm unsure if I have enough disk space outside WHS to hold all the backups. I think your suggestion requires a large amount of unused disk capacity. In fact I do have four or five spare disks lying around; the largest is 320Mb, a pair of 250Mb, and a coupld of smaller. Since my WHS 2011 has four 3Tb drives, I'm thinking I need a spare 3Tb to handle any data possibility in the future. It seems like a high overhead of disk space just lying around.


I guess I'll have to look at how much space I do have and ways I could get it mounted. Seems like it would take a while if I go through USB 2. externals. My WHS doesn't have USB 3.0.

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You piqued my interest and I found the client backup folder. Once I opened that folder, I have no idea how I would determine which file went with which user. The disk space required still bothers me. I understand why I need a spare the size of my largest disk, but it's sounding like I need a large percentage of spare space which really drives up the cost of usable space.

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re: #2, you don't need to know which files go with which user: you just back up the entire folder.


I get the impression you don't have any backup. If not, I have a question for you: how would you feel if you got up tomorrow and all your data was gone? What contingency do you have in the event of fire, flood, hurricane, theft, hardware failure, etc.?

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I have no off-site storage, and one of my shared folders is the result of six or seven years of labor. I'd be hurt to lose it. My theory was disk failure was 90% of my risk, and I decided to attack that. Perhaps that's a poor assessment. I have considered cloud storage, but there's something I really dislike about that. Although I don't have anything of commercial value, my data is valuable to me and I seriously doubt I could reconstruct it. I have a brother nearby and thought maybe we ought to do something... he off-sites at my house and I off-site at his. I'm sure there is something to do that. I'm hoping to up my internet connection speed (around 30/1.5 Mb/s now) to the cables 60 or 100Mb/s.


I'll ask him if he's interested. Thanks for bringing it up.


I worked with my problem for a long time, and right now I'm spending a lot of my personal time trying to fix my employer's problem. If I'm unresponsive, it's because I'm preoccupied. I've made major inroads, and hope to be normal in a week or so.

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I'm glad to hear you want to set up some sort of off site storage. If your brother is nearby, I would consider simply exchanges disk drives with him.


Here are some links to my strategy. Perhaps you can get some inspiration from them:


PHOTOS: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1899-whs-2011-storage-strategy/page-8#entry47628

BACKUP STRATEGY: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4788-what-i-hope-to-acheive-with-your-help/#entry51373

BACKUP SCRIPTS: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5197-robocopy-backup-scripts/#entry56498


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Thanks for the information.


It is surprising to me that you do not use WHS for backup purposes.Exactly why do you use WHS?


If I understand Robocopy correctly, you are using a DOS command to copy across the Internet to a PC in another location, much like I talked about doing with my brother. Is this correct? If I were using WHS as my on-site backup, could RoboCopy be used to copy my WHS server off site to the second location? Are you always keeping two copies in each location?


Do you have any experience with FreeNAS?

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I use WHS2011 in order to get bare metal restore capabilities for all my client PCs. I don't use it to back up my data because I want access to the data at all times. I don't want to have to run a restore operation in order to get some particular data back.


Due to bandwidth caps from my ISP, I do not RoboCopy my data across the Internet. I would blow through my data cap in a few days if I did. I RoboCopy my data to 2 Lian-Li EX503 external eSATA enclosures. For one of the enclosures I have 2 sets of HDDs. I rotate these drive sets to and from another location in order to get offsite backup.


I looked at FreeNAS briefly once, a few years ago. I can't say I remember much about it.

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