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WHS 2011 Connector re-install


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I'm trying to re-install the conector software on a client PC. The reason I deleted the original installation was the connector would no longer allow the dashboard to connect. I could access the shared folders but not the dashboard. Being the genius I am, I dropped the connector and attempted re-install. It fails with an "Unable to connect" error after I provide the Server password. Had there been a real connection issue, how would it have found the Server or verified its PW?


If I go to another client that still has the original connector on it, I have the same symptoms: shared folders work but Dashboard doesn't. I have two clients where I un-installed and can't re-install.


I also suffered a catastrophic disk failure on another client. Once I replaced the failed SSD, I can't get bare metal recovery to run (connect to the server again). I'm assuming both of these issues are related, and this is the real issue I want the connector to work. I can get around the dashboard by RDP to the server admin and running dashboard there. I've got to restore my client... it's the main PC!


I found several posts and have verified everything I could. Lease time is 24 hours.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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If you can connect to the server using RDP, or directly with its own keyboard and mouse, then you can do the restore on the server. It is not necessary to restore a client computer by running the restore on that client - you can run it on any computer.


I suspect, since you're having problems with so many clients, that you have a problem with the server, or its network connection. Since you say you can RDP into the server, that should eliminate the network as the issue. Have you been backing up the server?

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Thanks for the reply.


When I attempt recovery via RDP to the server, the recovery task failed every time after it asked and confirmed the password. I too believe the problem's in the server and I'll happily reinstall AFTER I get my client recovered.

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Remote access is overwhelming  reason I use the product.  I have never seen an instance where the dashboard didn't display unless IIS had been altered.  In about three years I know of two updates that broke function of WHS/Server Essentials.

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IIS is greek to me... Yes I know it's around because of another issue I had. Maybe I did something to it in ignorance. I've monkeyed with a lot of stuff trying to get through this problem. But I certainly didn't do anything with IIS to provoke the original Dashboard issue.


I've done a gazillion searches and tried several prospective solutions, but all were after the restore problem began.

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Given that my issue now seems to be partition attributes, I think I must have done something wrong to the USB drive I restored to. Could someone tell me exactly how I should have formatted the USB  drive before I began the restore? Should I have just run diskpart clean? Should I have formatted it and built two partitions ("system reserved" and "C")?


I don't think there's any way for me to build a "system reserved" because Microsoft does not disclose how to do it. I think there is a parameter called "ID", and without documentation, non-OEMs can't create "system reserved" partitions.


When I did it the other way, it wouldn't boot and I'm certain it had to do with the partition information. I couldn't get the recovery disk or install disk to fix it.

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Following on from jmwills, you delete any partitions and then create new ones of the same size. Don't give them drive letters, don't give them labels, don't format them.

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