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A little different builds


To keep these builds small they require two PSUs  

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  1. 1. Will it be a problem runnig Motherboard and HDDs on seperate power supplies

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For some reason I have always wanted my PCs to be small

I can understand and appreciate the big towers with lots of space for expansion and cooling.

I've also like my box to be unique.

So I'm tossing around some new ideas in my head.

One will be in a shuttle type/size box but with oodles of HDDs.

It means losing the DVD drive and exchanging the AC/DC PSU for a 2xDC/DC PCBs and a external brick PSU but allows 7 Drives.



Next a small configuration using a 5.25" motherboard and 4xHDDs.

Again with no DVD drive and a external PSU.

Possible a low flat wood case in a polished wood style aka the Home Servidor



Last idea would use up a 3.5" motherboard I have and create something reminiscent of the HP style.

Not sure about a case style..... any thoughts/case designs appreciated.


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I answered your poll - No problem on the 2 power supplies simply because I am using an external USB hard drive on my server for backup and it utilizes a separate power brick to power the hard drive.

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No it will not be a problem, I did this yesterday on the test bench to test the build I am working on for a friend that will ultimately have 10 drives in it, I powered 4 of the HDs off an additional power supply.


Only problem that will require some sort of solution is how to turn on the second power supply, on the test bench I just jumped the power switch leads and started the secondary power supply up first.

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I'm doing the Shuttle style multi HDD build first.

Re: the PSUs, I have two 200W DC/DC and tons of room for them. I actually have a nice AC/DC PSU that would fit but with all the HDDs I think the box would over heat.




HDDs are in. Only 6 of them because I couldnt fit 7 without getting the hack saw out. I thought the 7th would be for the OS and a even number of HDDs for the data. I guess that thinking comes from the Raid days.


Whoops I only have 4 SATA ports and there isnt room for a PCI SATA adapter. Hummm I think I'll keep going for now but

Does anyone know of a mini-iTX board with i3 w/6 sata ports

Also I'm thinking two crazy large, very slow turning fans on the side blowing through the hard drives and out the other side.

Does anyone know where I can get these. The very slow part seems to be the problem






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Hey thanks for recognizing the desire to keep the cabling in order.

It usually starts out very organized but you know how much eventually has to go in there before the lid goes on.

I'm making up the HDD power wiring now. Another 50% more wire. Then the ATX MB power.


Anyway, a question for those that have done the research or have the experience.

How much power will the HDDs need? The spec is Western Digital Caviar SE 250 GB SATA II

A little small for a server I know but I have hundreds of them. Yes that is not an exaggeration, hundreds :huh:

I’m thinking about 100 Watts for the six of them. Minimum. About 17 W each???????



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I think your est. is most likely close enough, if you are worried, they draw the most power at start-up (obviously) some drives have a jumper that you can install to delay start up, check to see those drives have that option if so install the jumper on 1/2 the drives, to take the load off the power supply.

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