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New Gen 8 Owner! Perhaps a silly question!...


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Hello everybody


Today I received a new HP Gen 8 - I am new to the world of microservers so perhaps what im asking may sound daft!


I have installed xpenology as an OS, and the server lives upstairs in my office. I have an Ethernet cable running my my router (which is downstairs) to my office and everything is working fine (the server is fantastic!)


However my issue is in my office I also have a desktop - currently the Ethernet cable from my router is in my microserver. I then have a crossover cable connecting my server and desktop (using the servers 2nd ethernet port), which they are both talking and working fine. However, my desktop no longer seems to be part of the network (ie no internet) - is there a way to pass through the server, and get my desktop "online" by utilising the 2 ethernet ports, or will I need to connect them to a separate switch?


Hope this makes sense and isnt too much of a daft question!



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There are ways to enable network sharing with Windows Server. I don't know about XPenology. In any case, I would never do it myself. I would run another network cable and connect the desktop computer directly to your Ethernet switch.

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