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Best controller mode for WHS2011 build


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Looking for advice on the best and simplest way to use the ODD port for a boot drive for WHS2011.


The N54L currently has the 250Gb drive as a boot drive in the ODD slot. the 4 drive bays are individual drives (2x 3TB and 2x 2TB)presented to WHS2011 and I use Drivepool and Drive Scanner from Stablebit.


The G8 is being a sod and I see that I have 3 options for setting up my disks:


1) Bios is 'legacy' mode and I can see 5 individual disks and can set the ODD connected drive as the boot device. However, will this let DriveScanner work and can I just transplant the drives from the N54L or is it going to require a re-boot.


2) Use AHCI mode and have a reduced number of data drives?


3) Use the b120i and have each of the 5 drives as a logical 'disk' (RAID0) - this will require a wipe and reload of the disks which I can then 'drivepool' the logical presented disk capacity. Downside is no disk stats passed to DriveScanner?








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