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HELP! Issue Accessing a Specific Site from My Server


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Try this in Command Prompt (Admin):
netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=disabled



AMAZING!.. that fixed it.


I have since rebuilt my domain and moved all applications to a Win8 VM and off of the server to get around it.  I don't regret this though as I took the opportunity to clean up all of my scripts and data.  Feels fresh now.


However this problem was still just bugging me in the back of my head.


Looks like something was changed on cloudflare and is causing this issue.  That change instantly fixed it.  I didn't even have to reboot.


Thanks for posting that.

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Interesting. I wonder what Explicit Congestion Notification is?


This is quoted from one of the threads.



As was mentioned, this wouldn't affect Chrome.


The problem (at least in my case) is with Explicit Congestion Notification, which is enabled by default as of Windows 2012 (disabled by default prior to that).


The wikipedia page for ECN mentions "Rather than responding properly or ignoring the bits, some outdated or faulty network equipment drop packets that have ECN bits set", so it seems like some outdated/faulty equipment was recently put in place at Cloudflare (all the sites that failed to load have a hop through cloudflare.torontointernetexchange.net)

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Now isn't that interesting. One has to wonder why CloudFlare would install outdated equipment. One also has to wonder, if the packets are being dropped, how it is that a CloudFlare "page not found" page is displayed, instead of a generic browser 404 page.

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