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TS140 Audio Issues


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I'm pleased to report that it appears to be working. I hope to do some testing this weekend.


I wish I could say definitively what the solution was, but I don't really know because there was some strange behavior before it started working. I switched inputs on the receiver with no effect. Then, I played with the audio settings on the receiver. Still no change. I turned off the receiver for dinner and left the server running. When I returned the audio driver wouldn't load when I powered on the receiver. I restarted the server, but the audio driver still wouldn't load. I had to reinstall the driver. When the server rebooted, voilà, the driver loaded and the surround sound kicked on.

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Definitely the Intel drivers then, they have the same issue on the NUC.  No HD audio until you reboot.  The drivers don't renegotiate with the receiver after the receiver has been powered off and back on again.


This is the main reason I use an old passive cooled GT610 in my HTPC, it just works.  The other HTPC just uses analogue audio out, so it works OK on the Intel GPU.

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Russbean, what OS are you running?

I have windows 10 x64 and I can only get audio on my TV to play if I set it to "FM Radio Quality" / 32000. Anything higher and I get no sound.

I've tried running the drivers for 8.1 and the latest Intel Drivers from the driver update app and I get the same issue.


Any ideas?


Sorry for the thread hijack but it seems like a very similar issue and I have a similar setup to the OP.

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I'm running Win8.1 x64 as a home server. I haven't been tempted to upgrade that system to Win10 yet. I don't have any suggestions, sorry.

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