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anyone tried windows 10 preview with r2 essentials?

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That's pretty awesome. I have 9926 downloaded, but I don't have a free machine to install it on. BTW, how are Win10's hardware requirements? Does it need more than Win8/8.1?

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Drashna Jaelre

LOL, so it will join to obsolete/discontinued stuff, but not the current. Ya gotta luv it :D

One step forwards, two steps back. :)

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I'm running the latest Windows 10 (9926) and can also confirm it won't connect to Server2012 R2 Essentials.  The connector won't run and just fails.


However what I have done is created an object on the domain with the same name as the machine and I'm at least able to remote desktop into my Windows 10 machine using the server as the RD gateway. 


Can wait on the rest of the stuff.

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