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anyone tried windows 10 preview with r2 essentials?

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I put win 10 enterprise january preview in a virtualbox vm, and so far have been unable to either domain join via the system properties or with the essentials connector.I have set the dc as the dns server on the nic but it doesn't seem to "find" the domain... Anyone exploring out there?

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Drashna Jaelre

Yeah, sounds like a DNS issue specifically.


Verified that it works on my VM (build 9841 though)


If you don't want to edit the host file, then manually set the DNS entry on the VM to the Essential Server's IP address.

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interesting suggestions. ping by ip works, ping by name uses ipv6 and works. ping -4 by name finds the right v4 ip address and works.

http://server/connectworks and lets me download the connector.


so it is not short of finding the server


running the connector as admin -> an unexpected error has occurred, contact the network owner


the other way gives errors that it can't find dns entries for the domain. believe me, if they were not in there, the BPA section would be lit up all red...

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It was a long time before I could get Win10 to connect to WHS 2011.


You managed to do it? Last I read, you were still trying to get it to join.

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