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Acer Aspire EasyStore H340 hard drive not showing additonal space in Windows 7


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Current drives in the Acer Aspire EasyStore H340 are the server drive a 1TB hard drive for storage (WHS) (calling itself the W drive) (showing 911GB total size) we only have about 200 GB FREE left on the drive so I added a new WD 2TB drive - in windows home server it shows it as a second "healthy drive" as second W drive (using it for additional storage) - looks good.

In Windows 7 it shows the following:

W drive shows 2.05TB free of 911GB (and the drive space bar is of course showing almost full red)

SO why is it not showing 3TB total???? Will it once the first drive gets totally full or am I at risk for that 2nd drive not accepting new data??

New to the server thing so any advice will help - all drives show Healthy and show full recognition. Followed the instructions to the T on how to install the drive. 

Thanks in advance!

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Ah. OK. So what you're saying is that everything looks fine when you view the drives inside the Windows Home Server Dashboard/Console, but the sizes seem off when you look at the mapped drives directly from Win7? If so, I would ignore the discrepancy. As long as WHS is happy, you should be good to go.


I recall seeing something like this when I was running WHS on my Acer H340. BTW, if you had a copy of WHS2011 you could run it on the H340. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to find WHS2011 these days, especially as a reasonable price.

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