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HP N54L + AMD Raid Option ROM problem


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Hi there!

I'm new in this forum, nice to meet you! =)


I've purchased the N54L MicroServer from HP with the intention of using it as NAS system.


Before installing any OS, I've decide to create a RAID1 (I have 2x1TB WD Black) using the built-in "AMD Raid Option ROM Utility" but... this utiliy doesn't exist! o__O


Yes, it is very strange, but following these instructions "http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=c03004814"I've noticed that I can't go over step number 5, because the "CTRL+F Screen" doesn't appear, even though I set the SATA controller mode to RAID (and obviously saved settings).


I know that the screen is displayed for a very short period of time, but this is not my case. My case is that it does not appear at all...


Any suggestions?


Thx! =)



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Ok, I feel really stupid, but I finally figured out what the problem was.

In that particular bios screen ( CTRL+F ), the resolution changes.



The monitor I used, did not support that resolution, so I could not see anything. I changed the monitor and everything appeared magically...


Sorry for the inconvenience =(

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Don't feel bad. It happens. The 'crappy' monitor I have to look directly at my Untangle and WHS2011 boxes doesn't auto-negotiate resolution well, so I have to hit the Auto button frequently. It also displays an annoying popup "this resolution is not supported" when quite clearly it does. Even the manual says it does.


Glad you got it working.

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