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Windows 10 Free Upgrade for 1 Year!

Big Worm

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I don't think it does..


It's a ploy to get people entrenched in to the Windows ecosystem.  Windows 10, the new IE, all syncing between your PC, your tablet, and your phone.  


IE performs better than Chrome now, especially on HiDPI screens.  If 10's IE syncs history and bookmarks the way Chrome does now, I'll be moving to Windows Phone.  That 'syncability' is the only thing stopping me at the moment.

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I think it's like Windows 8.... cheap at first, then full price.

Get people on it IMMEDIATELY, and then worry about profit.



Though I do agree with the subscription idea. However, I think it's going to be for services, rather than the OS. Nickle and dime you for OneDrive, Office, etc. 

Also, more importantly, upgrade path for Server?

Especially R2 Essentials to Server 10 Essentials?
I doubt there will be one (other than the standard migration)....



Also, IS there any changes to the Essentials role in 10?

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The way I see the free for 1 year I would think that you submit a request to them to get a key for free just like they did for the Media Center pack.  After that they charge you for the key.

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