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Synchronization between a host and a remote machine over the WAN ?


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Where can I find this information ? I've only found OneDrive with Office 365 + 1TB for 7€/month...

It may depend on region unfortunately. And it sounds like that may be the case.


I doubt One Drive is going to let you park 6TB of data up there.

OneDrive throttles upstream IIRC. Horribly.

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I have tried VPN but my Internet provider doesn't allow VPN connection between PC :( (I have that on many forums, the only solution is to change my provider...)

So I'm going to find an other solution, perhaps WebDAV but I don't know how to use it on Windows.

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What I was wondering is if a VPN could be set up if it used a non-standard port. If you're setting up both ends of the VPN I would think this would be possible. Surely SFR can't be blocking all ports.

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PPTP uses a single port and so could be blocked I presume but I don't see how you could easily block OpenVPN which can be run on any port.


By the way MS has announced that with windows 10 you will be allowed to stream Music from Onedrive. Just another plus for Onedrive.

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