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Synchronization between a host and a remote machine over the WAN ?


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I have 2 PC with Windows 8.1 OS, one at my home and one at my parents' house. Both contain same folders and same files (normally) and I would like to find a soft to compare folders content of the first machine with the second machine.

Do you know any kind of software / solution to do that ?

Both are connected to a router (French box operators, I don't know if similars boxes exist in others countries).

I've seen Bitorrent Sync but I don't know if it permits to just compare folders without transfer data automatically (I would like to control data transfer).

Thank you for any suggestion !

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Yes but step 3 is "Ensure the shared folder is accessible from the other computer (when you synchronize over the Internet you may need to configure your firewall accordingly" so I don't think it creates itself a connection between both ?!

Do you have tried this soft ?

I'm looking to create a VPN between both with Windows 8 built-in features, perhaps it could be a solution ?

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Well, no, it doesn't auto-configure your router for you. Even if you were to use a VPN you would have to configure your router. But, these changes are not something you have to do every time. Once they're done, they remain active.


I have used Allway Sync, but I've never sync'd files over the Internet with it.


Another option might be GoodSync. I have not used it, but it has a feature called GoodSync Connect. I can't be sure, but the way it's worded, it sounds like it works in a similar way to LogMeIn, in that it uses an intermediate server to establish the connection. To me, that would mean that it would not require modifications to the firewall or router. GoodSync also boasts that it will only update the parts of files that have changed, not the whole file every time. If that works, it would be a pretty sweet feature.

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Good question schoondoggy. In particular, how much changed data is he looking at. With GoodSync, at least, it appears only the altered data gets sync'd, even if it's only part of a file.

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Thank you for your responses.

I have about 6TB on each machine, but I would like to compare files between both and transfer only small files (less than 10MB). For big files, I can transfer everyday with an USB 3.0 external HDD between both.

So my process would be :

- Compare files between 1st and 2nd machine

- If there are differences, transfer small files if possible with the software and transfer big files manually with an external HDD

- New comparison between files of both machines

My goal is to be sure there are same files on both and no differences between existing files, not to transfer all data.


Edit : I can configure router to activate specific port if necessary, it's not a problem.

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I think the real question is how much actual data change is there on any given day. For example, these large files; are they completely new files, or are they large files with changes in them?

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