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HP P212 performance


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Got a HP P212 off e-bay for my Gen8. It didn’t have a memory module or battery (but I have got them separately to fit, but was just trying the card as it came first).


Fitted the card, and re-routed the cable for the disk bays from the motherboard port, to the port on the card.  The server is still booting from the SSD attached to the 5th SATA port, so I booted into Windows 2012 R2, and ran the HP Array config utility. To begin with the card could see the disks but they were showing as 0MB (or maybe KB), checked the firmware level and the card was on 3 and the latest is 6.6 (I think), so I upgraded, and after a re-boot the drives were reported at their correct size of 3TB, however the first time I went in the ACU I did get a message something like “corrupt NVRam, restored from backup, please re-boot”, so after another reboot all seemed ok (though I do notice that at boot up, before I applied the firmware update, as the details for the P212 appeared on screen I was able to press F8 (I think) to go into a text based Array config program, but now that option doesn’t appear).


Anyway, created a 4 disk array as raid 10, and then ran ATTO, results are below.




This seems quite a bit slower then a 4 disk raid 10 on the B120.




Also, as a comparesion here is a 4 disk “mirror” (a bit like raid 10) in windows 2012 storage spaces (with the 4 underlying disks set as an individual raid 0 disk on the B120i).




Is / does the speed of the P212 seem low, or is that what could be expected for a card without the memory (& battery) module, or have I maybe configured something wrong (think I selected stripe size of 512, and cylinder size of 63 (but may have been 32). If it is to be expected then seems that the B120 gives quite good performace.

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I'm surprised there isn't a bigger difference. The P212 is getting around 200 and the B120i is getting around 250. Yeah, it's faster, but not dramatically faster.

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Nice. In the bigger pics I can see that the write performance varies from 250 to 150 rather than 250 to 200. That's a pretty significant difference.

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Right, 256MB mem module installed now with battery, getting an "error" that the battery isn't charged and cache will be disabled until it is, but this is the speed I am getting now, which is much better.  




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Your write speeds will pick up when the battery is charged.

After the P212 is fully functioning, try turning on the drive write cache option and check your numbers.

If you want to leave the drive write cache on you should also have a UPS.

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