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whs 2011 - cant find it!


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Thanks cskenney. Don't move it on our account. Yeah, I forgot he's on 8.1. That explains the issue with RDC. We'll have to give other advice on remoting in.

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CSkenney - sorry the thread has gone on and off topic a lot, wasn't intentional!


Just a  quick update..  Got most of it running as i wanted it, Squeezebox works well, i can access my movies and other media from my HTPC and stream with zero lag, i can access the server to kick off some basic activities such as updates etc from chrome remote desktop which is pretty cool as i can do it from my android phone..


Bits yet to configure:


I have got to put toegther my new HTPC (I5 NUC) and connect it all up to the server

Get XBMC installed on the server and set up the UPNP thing from earlier in this thread so that it syncs with my HTPC


Have a play around with Plex and see if that would be the next step up from xbmc or whether i should just stick with my current set up..


Its gone pretty well so far so a massive thanks for all those who have helped out and given bits of advice along the way!

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