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Thinking of getting a Gen 8


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First of all, Hi Gen 8 subforum and hi HomeServerShow forum


I found this place after watching a couple of episodes on youtube, thought id register and join this community.


Basically I'm looking to get a HP ProLiant Gen 8 Microserver, the G1610T version.


What I'm looking to do with it are as follows :


Install either VM Ware ESXi or Hyper-V on this and run a couple of virtual machines (3 or 4 max)


Install a HDMI compatable PCI graphics card and use one of the virtual and a XMBC client for my TV (the box will be in my living room in my TV cabinet, next to my internet connection and router)

Use this as a NAS box to serve as a media server, and a time machine backup for my iMac and Macbook pro

*possibly* Run a minecraft server on a virtual

Have a spare OS for testing different applications and servers for work (MDM servers, File Access servers, personal clouds)


I am all ready aware I will need to install more ram into this machine, and will be looking to upgrade this to 16gb as soon as I get the thing.


My real question is, currently all my media is on 2 2tb external drives connected to my iMac which is then shared to my apple tv. Now I don't want my iMac on all the time as it is now, as I want to bee able to shut it down when needed and have it available to use in bootcamp whenever. Currently if i do this then the media server side stops.

The 2 2TB drives are currently formatted in Mac OS Extended Journaled so will not be readable by the OS' i put on the micro server. What would my options be for migrating these drives to the HP. Would I be better off getting the HP setup, connecting my macbook pro to the HP directly and one of the drives to the macbook pro and transfer the data over an ethernet connection? Or would I be better off buying a caddie for one of the drives I'm looking to put in the HP and connect it to the iMac so I can transfer the files that way? (I all ready have Paragon NTFS installed on my iMac so reading/writing to a ntfs partitioned drive is no issue) Or is there another way that I'm missing?


I have been looking and it appears that you can install Mac OS on these things, but it looks clumsy and unstable so this would be a no go, unless I'm of course wrong.


Many Thanks



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Just wanted to post an update.


I mentioned to my boss at work I was looking to get this for the above, meaning i can learn vmware and hyper v as well as get a good understanding on windows server 2012. Because of this, he offered to buy the server for me as a training tool, but one i can keep.


Ended up getting the G2020t with 4gb ram (1x4gb stick), odd drive installed and 2x1tb hard drives installed, it should be here tomorrow.


First thing i'll be looking to do is get another stick of ram for now, can I just put an 8gb stick in with the 4, or does the ram need to be matched pairs?

Ill also be looking to get a couple of WD red's in the next few days, either 4tb of 6tb ones


However one thing I don't think ill be doing is installing the graphics card as I have just got a Raspberry Pi 2 to run XBMC off, so will just need to host the files on the server, not do anything else with it.


Still wanting to know if anyone has any information about best way to tackle my current 2x 2tb drives that are mac os extended journaled??


Many Thanks



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Congratulations. Tell your boss we consider him to be an enlightened individual :D


You do not have to match the RAM. It will run somewhat faster if it is matched, due to dual channeling, but it will still work if it's not matched. However, be sure you get RAM that's either on the HP approved list or has been tested to work by other members.


Don't know about the Mac drives.

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I actually use Paragon NTFS for my Mac to read/write to windows disks


So I guess ill install my new HDD's raid them how I want, install windows on ESXi or Hyper-V, install this and connect the Mac drives via USB and then drag/drop


Or could I take the mac drives and put them into and empty bay on the gen 8 and copy across?





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