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EX490 crashed - upgrade to GEN 8 - Need some advice


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Ever since the Gen8 was announced I have been thinking of upgrading my ex-490. Now that the older homeserver crashed I finally convinced the wife I need a better server.


I have some experience around servers, but I’m not sure about everything. My main goal is to use the server for testing purposes (restore backups) and share files on my other computer/tv. 

Thinking of 2 Windows server installs, both 2012 R2, one 4 GB Ram and one 12 GB Ram, the 4 GB might become my own domain controller and the other a test server with Exchange.


My spec list:


HP G8 G1610T

HP Smart Array P420 (or the P222, but there is a cheap P420 available)

PS 1810-8G Switch

Xeon E3-1265LV2

2x Kingston PL316E/8G

1 Samsung Evo 850 / 500GB

4x WD Red 3TB


I’m going to use the SSD in the B120 as host for the server(s) the 4xRed will be a Raid 5 settings.


I have experience with VMWare and Hyper-V, but only after it has been installed. So not sure what  the best practice is.


First of, what would you guys advice, VMware or Hyper-V

Raid 5 or 10?

Any Tips?


Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

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The P222 is the only supported HP RAID card for the MS Gen8. The P420 will work it just wont show up in iLo.

RAID10 vs RAID5 is a tough call. If you go RAID10 you would not need to add a RAID controller. If you do add the controller, you will have more performance and flexibility.

Also RAID5 is fast on reads. RAID10 is faster on writes.


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