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N40L and IPCop


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I'm having *alot* of trouble getting IPCop 2.1.7 to run properly on my Microserver N40L:


- Halfway through the install, it says "CDROM not found" - solved this by using HTTP mirror on local network

- If choosing "Flash card" as install type, it won't boot. - solved this by choosing "Hard drive"

- I'm never being prompted to set root/admin credentials during install - unsolved

- After install, when booting, I get alot of iptable "bad argument" errors. Like IPCop tries to set alot of firewall rules but fails - unsolved

- Can't login to root account as I was never prompted to set password


Have anyone else had these issues? And how did you solve them?


I would post this on the ipcop support forums, but it seems to be somewhat abandoned.


Regards, Danni.

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