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mirgrating the SYS drive on a WHS

James Walker

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Hello Eveyone;

I need some advice. I built up a Home built WHS. It has been running fine for several months. I noticed today that I had an alert from WHS saying that the primary harddrive the "SYS" drive was un healthy. I feel like the drive is on the verg of failure so I need to understand what my options are to a) backup the SYS drive B) How to recover the drive upon a failure and c) If I devide to move the SYS to a new drive what steps are involved. The system currently backs up to Carbonite but it is mainly the data not OS. What have or has anyone else done to or can recommend how to hanle this situation.



Thank you


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Sometimes WHS gives a false positive on the system drive when you reboot the server. Therefore are you getting this error after a reboot? if so, it should clear after a few seconds. If not, then you should consider replacing the system drive.


One option is if you have folder duplication on all your shared folders, then you can simply remove the systen drive, replace it with a new drive, even a larger one will do, then boot into recovery mode and do a Server Recovery. Once this is done, then the files that were on the d: partition of the original system drive which were duplicated onto other drives in the pool, will be duplicated again. You will loose your PC backups, you can install the BDBB addin before you start to backup the PC backups if you need to keep them.

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