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S.M.A.R.T. and those fantastic WD Black drives...


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Having just started with stablebit scanner on my new 2012r2 essentials experience box, I've been poking around looking

at the SMART data. First off, it looks like the HP drives on the microserver are not all that great in terms of recoverable errors.

In any case, I went through my whole stack of drives and compiled the stats in a single spreadsheet.


what I found is none of the WD Black drives had reported any recoverable errors at all. I have attached a snapshot of my data.

so tell me, are those drives just super fantastic compared to the competition or could it be that they just don't bother reporting

the data to S.M.A.R.T. ? 




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interesting tool. it seems to be able to punch past the usb controller while stablebit scanner does not.

it shows me the usb3 drive is sata3  being run at sata2 speed


in any case it seems to gather data ok on three of the WD caviar black drives, what am I looking for in the results?

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Well, that tool uses the same code that StableBit Scanner uses, so if it works, so should Scanner.


If you used the unsafe directIO option, you'd need to enable the same in StableBit Scanner, as well.


Also, WHERE did it get the correct information? In the DirectIO or WMI section?



And as for the data, it's the SMART Attributes, those are the actual SMART values. And from there, it depends.

However, it should follow the "standard" SMART layout (because there is no actual standard here.....) You can find that at Wikipedia:


ALso, if you want to open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact, I can help you there, more directly.

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