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Media Streaming web package?

Drashna Jaelre

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I was wondering if anyone knows of a good web package to host and stream media from the server.

Specifically something that streams for the IIS web server built into Essentials(or can be easily reverse proxied), that supports authentication against the domain (or even just "windows accounts", which would be the same here), that supports granular control over what accounts can access, and bandwidth management options (ideally, per user and/or group).



The Windows Essentials Media Pack as out of the question. Not only does it not support h.264 and other non-Microsoft codecs, it's broke on my system... 

Plex ... offers only all or nothing control, and beyond crappy bandwidth management tools. And no user authentication options... and relies on their ecosystem.

Subsonic ... well, rather Madsonic as removed LDAP authentication recently, making it a bigger pain to manage. As well, the update to the newer version requires that I reset my database and start from scratch, which I'd rather avoid.


I pretty much expect "nothing like that exists", but I just wanted to see if anyone had seen something like that.

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