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Happy New Year E-Mail to HSS Forums Members


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Hello Home Server Show Forums,
This is Dave from the homeservershow.com forums. This is my first e-mail to site members since 2008 and I'll try to not make it a habit.  I do want to share some news with you since there is so much going on. Please read! I'll post it in the forums as well.
Happy New Year! 2015 is here and CES starts the year off with a bang.  I'll be in Las Vegas to cover this giant consumer electronics show and here is how you can participate.  I've decided that the bulk of my posting will go to my personal account while I'm in Vegas.  That new website is http://mccabe.io  If you follow my new Twitter account, http://twitter.com/mccabeio you will get all the notifications.
It all starts Sunday evening. Home Server Show and Surface Geeks podcast along with MVP Jim Collison will do a LIVE Podcast at 6 to 7 PM Vegas time.  That's 9PM Sunday evening for East Coasters.
http://homeservershow.com/live There might be other live feeds so stay tuned!  I'll try to put that live show on http://mccabe.io  
I have so many sites now that it's hard to manage where to send you for all the stuff I do!  That's the reason for the new site name and the following change.
I also made some changes with my Twitter account.  Read all the details here: http://surfacegeeks.net/twitter-changes-surface-geeks.html but in short I changed @SurfaceGeeks to @mccabeio  Follow both!  @HomeServerShow is still around too!
The Home Server Show Forums, http://homeservershow.com  recently surpassed 91,000 posts from its 5,300 members.  The forum has grown tremendously since it's inception and is still as friendly as it was when there were 50 members.  This forum has a special spot for members that have donated funds via PayPal.  I'll let the cat out of the bag and tell you that donating members are getting a sneak peek at the new software that will run ALL of the forums in the near future.  Here is how to donate: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8610-are-you-a-donating-member/
I also announced at Meetup 2014 that I'll soon open up Community Blogs for all Donating Members.  It's not quite where I want it to be so that's the reason I'm dragging my feet on it!
I launched Surface Geeks http://surfacegeeks.net in 2012 and the forum there is growing.  Over 8,000 posts from its 1000 members.  If tablets and mobile are your thing you will need to check it out!
Two new forums joined the family in 2014.   Home Automation Forums http://homeautomationforums.com  Exciting things are happening in home automation and this forum is just starting up.  If you want to learn more please join and chat.  Also, Smart Wear Forums at http://smartwearforums.com.  I'm having a blast with my different wearables and this is the place you can learn and discuss them all.   Both of these forums need your help and contribution!
I'm still doing The Home Server Show and Surface Geeks podcast with fellow Microsoft MVP and podcaster Jim Collison.  Family life and all these crazy web changes have impacted the podcast schedule but 2015 will be another great year.
Speaking of podcasts, The Geeks Network, http://thegeeksnetwork.com will be launching soon and you will have even more great content at your fingertips.  If you have ever wanted to be a podcaster this site will help you get up and running!  Expect to see a few new shows soon!
Crazy enough?  Well, I have one more site to tell you about! Oh Ok, I'll save that for later.  
Lastly, thank you.   Thank you!  Forums member, podcast listener, blog reader.  All of you. Thank you for your time and efforts in all the sites I have created.  You make it go. I'm happy to provide a foundation for the community but you give it life.  For that I'm eternally grateful.
Wow, that's a lot of links to remember.  I'll post this letter in all the forum so you can always find it.  Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom and I hope to see you in one of these forums soon!
Owner - homeservershow.com
I don't have an official unsubscribe mechanism for homeservershow.com or the forums.  However, if you feel that one e-mail per 6 years is too much you can opt out in the forums.  Simply login and edit your profile, Notification Options.  Or you can cut me some slack and wait for the next message to come and then opt out.  As always, I'll never share or sell your information.


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I launched the e-mail! Hopefully the server will keep up and it won't all go to SPAM or Junk mail.  Happy New Year guys.

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It worked!  I batched it. 20 e-mails at a time.  Took a while but server barely noticed.  Got a few bounces back to my inbox!  

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