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Plex PMS & PHT?


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Hi all


I have my HP Microserver (WHS2011) connected upto my Denon receiver and then to HDMI on the TV.


I want to use it as a front end client and server in one (to run direct with DTS/audio etc) I have tried running it but having two problems with getting Plex home theatre to startup once WHS is booted up.


1 - I tried putting it in the startup menu but it is always minimised when logged in so you have to go click on it to maximise/open it. How can I boot up and have plex up and running straight in the main menu?


2 - It does not run in full screen mode even with everything set, I always get black bars around the screen even with 1080p/full screen in the options menu, is there  a fix for this?

Should I keep whs2011 or change to Windows 7/8? I use mkvmaker so i can rip my blurays etc to it so still need that to work


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sorted out the black bars issue, my amd was putting out 60hz instead of 50, working fine now.


Just need to figure out how to run PHT automatically now.

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I think that the server operating systems can have the most of the media and other components installed, it's just trickier to get them to install in the first place is all.


Looks like you got it to run on startup, not sure how to make sure it's full screen, but it seems like something else may also be running on startup that is interfering.  Personally, I prefer to keep my media center separate from my server, they have different use cases and different loads.  Playing blu-rays is probably very taxing on the microserver, so better hardware may be good for that, but for just a file server, the microserver is reasonably well suited.  Based on what I've seen from other people, a plex server really should be a fairly high-spec machine due to the transcoding load.

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The server has a HD5450 graphics card in and can handle full blu-ray rips with 1080p / DTS-MA audio etc I only use it for media consumption nothing else.

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I don't know, maybe a PC?  NUC?  You know, something designed to be used as a HTPC, not something designed to be a server.


There's LOTS of solutions out there that are quieter, faster, use less power than an old HP server for HTPC use.

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Im not exactly using it as a server, its just got whs2011 on it. Can always install another OS.

How are other people using HTPCs? os?

Looked at the Nucs but expensive and not sure how they perform.

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I can't help feeling you're using the wrong machine, then.  Microserver - the hint is in the name.

We're all homeserver hobbyists and enthusiasts. We don't always have the best equipment for the job. I'm using a desktop as a server for 4 years, 24/7.


If it's all he has, and it works, leave the man alone. ;)

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