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Presentation And First Questions :) about Ubuntu 14.10 and iLO Serial Number


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Hello from Spain to everyone...

I Just bought Gen8 two days ago... My idea is for using Plex, and Torrent, no too much things. I tried to install Ubuntu 14.10, and once installed it goes REALLY REALLY slow, windows take seconds to draw... 

I'm not sure if its something about graphical drivers or maybe HD is broken... Before I had a PC with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and if I connect the HD in GEN8, works fine, windows are draw normally, if I try to upgrade to 14.04.1 LTS I have and advert, the says the Graphical Hardware may not be compatible :? and can work slowly :?


Is that normal?


Another question is, that I got my 60 days serial number of iLO 4, I installed first day (was working good), but in the first reboot, serial wasn't anymore, and now if I try to write down, it says that serial was already installed :(



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Sounds to me as though version 14 doesn't have a valid driver for the video card. I mean, it's telling you as much by giving you a warning message. It even says it could lead to slow performance. I think your only options are to stick to version 12 or to find a valid driver. I guess you also have the option of installing a version 14 compatible video card.

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