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Bought a Gen8 Microserver, iLO event log filled with entries?


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I just received my Gen8 MicroServer. When I checked the iLO event log it was filled with entries. Has this unit been used before, or is it just HP when they configured it?




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I also had a few entries (like 20 or 30 tops) on the server I bought in December (i know for a fact it was new stock).


When I booted from the latest SPP (September 2014) I also found that all firmware was up to date. I mean, there was nothing to update. In fact some of the versions installed were MORE recent than those being offered by the SPP.


Then I noticed Intelligent Provision updated the firmware for Broadcom Network interface (got it from the interweb automatically) when installing an operating system.



Suggestion: post a bigger screenshot. That is way too small.

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Hi! Sorry for the small screenshot, it was resized when I posted it. 


There were only a few entries in the log (around 20-30), but they started at ID 400+, suggesting more than 400 previous entries, no?

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