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Graphics card

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Hi Guys, 


My N54L sits in the corner just now and servers files, 


its on Debian Jessie


So i want to add a grpahics card to it to be able to plug it into the tv via HDMI so i can then use XBMC


What graphics card would be best?



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i forgot that did that when i was on my phone lol


I got the Graphics card, works perfectly, also got another 4gb ram to go in too

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Hi Guys,


I'm thinking of getting a Sapphire Radeon R7 240 2.0GB 128Bit GDDR3 graphics card for my G7 N54L, the listed power requirements for the graphics card is a 400w power supply but the maximum power consumption is 30w,

I don't have the technical expertise to be sure of this but I've checked on the power consumption specs which states a maximum of 30w, based on that it should be a problem for the server to handle since it consumes a maximum

of 70 - 80w. 


Am I being overambitious, any thoughts?

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