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These guys wouldn't know what a daisy wheel was.

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I believe the first printer I printed on was a Diablo Data Systems connected to a DEC PDP11/70. So there, I am too old!

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Just some pictures of one of these in the wild.


The build quality is fine overall. I thought the door is a little bit flimsy in the flesh, but it has a nice magnetic catch thing. The LEDs seem super bright, so as quiet as the unit is (although by no means silent), its actually pretty distracting to have in sat on your desk!!


Overall I prefer the angular styling and feel of the microserver, but thats just personal preference. Most of all I appreciate being able to choose my own hardware (and boot an SSD without f*&king about).



RE motherboards, I went somewhat against the conclusion of the recent itx thread on here and purchased a Supermicro a1sai-2550f. Mostly out of curiosity.


This little board is very low power and basically does what I want - but the single core performance can be limiting. I found that Debian Wheezy can benefit from installing irq-balance, but I needed the package from Jessie, which has some bug fixes. Without it the load balancer more than one AFP thread will completely load a single core. Although IRQ-balance is not recommended for optimal network performance, it appears to improve the situation in my use case, which is high bandwidth video streaming.


On the subject of iLO vs Supermicro IPMI - I think I prefer iLO, but not the fact that you have to pay for remove KVM features. Super micro's IPMI implementation is not as stable for many things.


Some ultimately some pros/some cons... oh and I end up with another server for the 'collection' :-)



DSCN0029 1024x830

DSCN0024 1024x757

cs-m50 on my desk

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I was over at Micro Center the other day and impulse purchased atx mobo and i5 with the intention

to rebuild my 2011 Home server box. Anyway, I didn't see any cases that I really had to have. Wouldn't 

have a problem paying a bit more for something halfway decent. (up to about $200) Any suggestions

on a decent Mid-tower. Can be on the bigger side, size is not an issue, but full tower is a bit overkill. 

Would be nice to have easy access and hold more than 4 drives. I basically gutted my old 2008 box

and rebuilt with same old Mobo. Thought it is time to build it up properly with updated hardware. Just

had surgery 3 weeks back, so am ready to have a project to take up some recovery time. 




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@scruffters  How did you get that blue Leds working? I´ve tryed everything but i can´t find any information about this.

In the instruction manual i just found out it has something to do with activated UID.

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