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Podcast 98, What do you think ?


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This week we got through a few addins including some Vail and Aurora news, plus, as a bonus, Dave has an interview with fellow WHS MVP Andrew Edney.



HP Add-In for Tivo users


HP Easy USB Transfer Add-In

I like the fact that this uses Flash, but it's not all that great for me, at least.


Replacement Power Supply for HP MediaSmart Servers


P80 Add-In Beta


HTPC Centric

Adam Thursby and Jere Jones who do the HTPCentric monthly podcast could not wait until August to reply to Mikes email. So even though they were on vacation, they did a 30 minute extra podcast # 5 SP1, to update their listeners with some of Mike's comments, thanks for your input Mike.


Microsoft announces two new small business server products

Which one will you pick Vail or Aurora ? Why ?


Trainquil Home Server Sync

I gave this a try, looks good, give it a try.


So, What do you think about this weeks podcast ?




Hey, I just hit 500 posts, yay.

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Great show guys! It will be ineresting what the next few weeks will bring, hopefully it includes another Beta Release of Vail!



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Excellent show again guys thank you.


It's strange but it seemed to me that around a year back WHS was looking a bit "left out". In the UK the HP box arrived briefly at PC World, then dissappeared. I bought a Tranquill box because to be honest that was about all you could get here. (I do not regret it for one moment though, it's great kit). Then you guys were reporting from CES that there really wasn't that much going on with the WHS. HP launched new models worldwide (including the UK) and so did Acer and a few others, but it all seemed a bit "Luke Warm". The "Frankenbuild" guys seemed to be holding it all together.


Now .......... we have Vail coming, which is a big indicator of Microsoft's intentions, now followed by the news of Aurora. There are countless small businesses that are still using "Workgroups" possibly with NAS devices. WHS would be the perfect solution for these environments with all of it's benefits, but has not really been marketed or pushed by IT professionals. (Present company excepted of course). My company had only @5 PCs in 2004 and we were sold Server 2003 SBS as there were no alternatives at the time.


The WHS "Eco System" is heavily reliant upon enthusiasts (you know who you are!) and devoted developers of Add-Ins that receive little or no recompense for their efforts. If Aurora finds support from the IT specifiers and providers then all of the dedication may set them in good shape to provide their services for reasonable cost to the business market.


If all of this serves to maintain the momentum, development and support for the domestic consumer then it's potentialy all good news.


My real hope is that the WHS (Vail) community although set to grow, will still maintain a presence that retains the tolerence and friendlyness that it seems to almost uniquely posess within a sometimes less than friendly on-line world.


So from "Luke warm" to full steam ahead? ....I reckon so, what do you think? unsure.gif

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Great show guys and thanks for the BYOB plug. I see you guys picked up on my response to HTPCentric. They have a good show and I wanted to make sure there listeners heard a well rounded story on WHS. I really appreciated that they gave it the response they did. Great to have Jim and John back so welcome back guys. One more and the big 100!

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Awesome show as usual guys! I really wish Tranquil Home Server Sync would become available soon in the US. I have contacted them to see if I can get my hands on it early so I can do a review of it, but they advised me they'll "keep me informed". Which is cool I guess, but from what I read it really seems like it might be the easy Off-site backup solution we've all been waiting for.

I liked the idea of experimenting with the new Windows Live Sync Beta on WHS as well. I might have to give that a shot this weekend too.


Anyway great show! Keep up the great work!

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