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Gen 8 RAID controller suggestions


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I've been running a Gen 8 2020 for 9 months on WS2012R2 with 500gb boot drive and a pair of 4tb drives in RAID 0 for data (iTunes, Tivo, PC Backups). I have the data mirrored to a N54 running WHS2011 for onsite backup.


I want to accomplish a couple of things on the Gen 8:

Add Storage

Use RAID 5 to protect from a single drive failure


I was thinking of going to a RAID card that would support RAID 5 configured to allow 4 4tb drives in RAID 5. Use an SSD for the boot drive off of the B120 or ODD port whichever would be easier. Having the ability to support an external drive bay would be nice but not a "must have".


What do you suggest? P222, P410, something else?


Thanks for any input



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The P222 integrates well with iLO -- mine did not require an advance license to run RAID5 -- i'm using a P222/512FBWC

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+1 what Joe said.


I was able to create a RAID5 without any problems (actually I could do R6 without having to purchase SAAP 2.0). 


Overall the P222 is a great little board. It just runs a bit hot!

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hehe yes, JM aka. Mr Ingenious  ^_^


I'd be nervous to suggest that SAAP 2.0 always comes with the P222 - because HP also appear to sell it aftermarket.


However, I did integrate this board in a number microserver's and the R6 and VOD options are always available (as in not greyed out). In the case of the Video On Demand profile this appears to work surprisingly well - although difficult to measure accurately.


Fingers crossed ash gets somewhere with those custom heat sinks. Actually I think the vendor also has an off the shelf 'fan-sink' option that could also work (although thats another thread in itself).

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I've found a new P222 with 512 cache on eBay for $299. I plan to purchase one. If I recall correctly I can move the drives to the new controller and keep the OS and data until I am ready for the rebuild?



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The P222 will pick up the RAID sets from the B120i.


heh cool!


Also to clarify, looks like SAAP 2.0 is included for P222 and friends:




"HP Smart Array Advanced Pack 2.0 (SAAP 2.0) software is now part of the base features for HP Smart Array P222, P420i, P420, P421, and P721mControllers HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers. HP SAAP 2.0 further enhances performance, reliability, and availability of stored data"

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