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WHS 2011 in a VM & more

Grant B

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Best of the Season to all,


I rolled the bones and purchased a copy of WHS 2011 on Ebay.


As I currently do not have a unit to throw it into, I was wondering how hard it is to install said software into a VM to make sure the COA is genuine and play with it before I go "mainstream" with it. I am currently running WHS V1 in a EX495.


When time and budget permits, I was toying with the idea of building a new server or purchasing a prebuilt PC and using that as a new server. While i7 processors and oodles of ram sound wonderful - it can be pricey. As well as the question I am posting, can anyone offer suggestions on what would be good, solid specs for a new system to run a server off without breaking the bank?


Any help on either or both would be greatly appreciated.




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Plenty of people in the forums have/are running WHS2011 in a VM, so it's very do-able.


As far as a new server goes, I think it would be best if you spell out what you want it to do.

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Processor:  i3 with 8 gigs as that is all the server will support.  !60 gig SSD for the OS and whatver your storage needs dictate will drive it from there.

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On my EX495, all I am currently using it for is a file server and a media server.


I have 4 users and I access the media through the Twonky software. As long as I can store files there the same as I do now and access the media on my 2 PS3's and an HP Live through whatever software I can easily run on WHS 2011 (if I need anything at all), I'm golden. My daughter accesses the server of a MacBook if that complicates anything.


Other than that... I'm not sure what I might get into :)


As for the VM, is there anywhere I can access the process of loading 2011 onto a clean VM?


Would another option be to create a 160GB partition on an existing system and have a dual boot scenario?

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