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We only have 2 cell phones currently in our house that are off contract with Verizon.


I have been looking at the Verizon Edge program especially after reading this blog post by Kyle Wilcox.


I have a few questions (of course).


1. I currently get a corporate discount.  Does this apply to the Edge program?  What portion gets discounted?

2. Once you have paid off the phone (or phones) in the Edge program are you still getting the per line discount?  Today I am off contract but I pay the same price as if I was paying for subsidized phone.


I am trying to see the downside to the Edge program.  If I go with a standard subsidized plan I am paying an additional $300 vs the same time period with Edge.  But after the 2 years it appears the discounted lines of the Edge program will keep saving me more money than the subsidized programs.



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Lots of great thoughts and questions here.


First of all, it really depends on what matters most to you.  Do you need the absolute best coverage? Do you want to pay the least amount possible? Do you want to upgrade your phones quickly? Do you need a lot of data?


Those are some general things to think about and I could go on and on, but let me just answer your two questions.


1. The corporate discount is actually the same regardless of whether or not you buy your phones with Edge or with a contract.  Edge is just a way to buy phones; the plan is actually independent of that even though it is often called the Edge “Plan.”  Most Verizon plans are either an old family plan that shares minutes or a new More Everything plan that shares data. The discount typically only comes off the base rate of minutes for the old plans or data for the More Everything plan.


2. With the new More Everything plans, once you are out of contract, your line access fee is reduced by either $15 or $25 depending on which data plan you subscribe to.  And remember that if you buy a phone with Edge, you are by definition out of contract.  If you have an older shared minute plan you will never get a reduction in your access fee.  If you already have a More Everything plan and are not getting the out of contract discount, then it is time to call Verizon and gently remind them that you want your discount.



I could write another blog post about why Verizon is possibly the best value in wireless right now. The short version is that the 10GB More Everything plan used to cost $100, but during the holidays they have dropped the price to $80.  That $20 difference really adds up.  If you are out of contract then the access fee for each smartphone would only be $15 making your plan $110 per month.  It is hard to get a decent prepaid plan that cheap for two lines.  At this time, Verizon is just saying that this pricing is promotional only and so it might go away after the holidays.  If you are not currently on this plan, I would highly recommend switching to it before the deal expires.  Once you switch to it, you are locked in at the $80 price as long as you want to keep it.


There are a lot of factors that go into making a decision about how to buy phones.  Personally, I can’t see myself ever signing a contract again. I would either buy my phones with Edge or if I was really trying to be cheap, I would buy used phones and put them on a prepaid carrier like Cricket.   
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Thanks for your quickly reply.  I have been sitting on an old legacy unlimited data plan thinking it was saving me money when it really wasn't.


I have been going over a spreadsheet of all the numbers and it seems like Edge w/ 10GB data makes a lot of sense.  If you look at the cost per line discount in the Edge Plan for 3GB, 4GB and 10GB data plans you will actually save money by going with the 10GB plan.  The 3GB plan costs costs exactly the same as 10GB.  The 4GB plan actually is $10 more per month.


Since I can get a corporate discount the savings get even larger.  In the past they discounted the base minute plan.  Now if I go with a larger data plan like 10GB the discount gets even larger.


It looks like the savings from Edge vs std 2 yr contract are about $300 for 24 months for the phones we are looking to buy.

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Yep, I often see Edge being about $150 cheaper per phone over a two year period.  And remember, Edge has no activation fee, while a contract will charge you a one time $30 upgrade/activation fee.   Also with the new shared data plan, you get the mobile hotspot feature included; it just comes out of your 10GB.  



What phones are you looking at?  If you do an Edge upgrade at Best Buy this week, you will get $100 gift card for the Galaxy Note 4, or a $50 gift card for any other Android phone.  


Another great thing about the 10GB+ More Everything plans is that in the future if you want to add other family members, you can give them a hand-me-down, out of contract smartphone and it is only $15 a month to add them.



One other thing to remember is that all the cell phone companies advertise $0 down for Verizon Edge, ATT Next, or Sprint EasyPay; however sales tax on the entire phone is due at the time of purchase.  In a state with 7% sales tax, that usually means between $42 - $52.5 upfront cost per phone.

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My wife wants an iPhone6.  I use an iPhone4s and I am happy with staying with Apple.  My wife's current phone is an LG G2 android phone that she isn't real happy with.

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