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Anyone seeing CloudSync as a Bandwidth Hog?


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Hey All,


I've recently started using the Synology CloudSync (1.0-0263) to sync my OneDrive account to my DS415+.   When CloudSync is running there is a constant flow of traffic on the order of 70-100KBps, even after all files are in sync and no content has changed.  


I suspect that this is CloudSync talking to the OneDrive API and asking "Hey, what's changed?" so that it can sync the changes.  I've tried modifying the bandwidth limits, but that doesn't seem to impact this traffic..


I normally wouldn't care except that I am inflicted with Comcast as a Cable Provider which means I have a 300GB/month data limit -after which I am charged $10 for another 50GB.  This traffic is taking up 40+GB a month...


1. Can anyone confirm what I am seeing?

2. Anyone know how to modify CloudSync polling interval?  I'm not seeing any options to do so.



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Update on this:  Synology has confirmed that if you have a large number of files (I have over 100,000 in 50GB of data) then the CloudSync service can take a very large amount of data traffic.   This is due to Microsoft lacking an API to identify what's changed...They're working with Microsoft on this. 


I have to believe this is fixable, since we do not see the same behavior on the OneDrive Personal Client.   I'm actually considering just creating an ISCSI LUN and attaching it to my primary machine and then sync my OneDrive to that...I'll bet that would work..


Until then, I'm trying a scheduled task to start/stop CloudSync at 1AM (stopping at 2AM)...That should be a good balance, I hope.

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You just know that somebody brought a "blame thrower" to those meetings. :)


But yeah, that's a disconcerting amount of traffic.

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Just to close the loop on this topic:  The latest Beta release of the Cloud Sync package (March 12, 2015?) has resolved this issue.  In addition Synology is starting to give us a peek at the new features coming soon.   Specifically, this release allows you to:

1.  Sync Bi-Directionally (existing functionality), Cloud to Synology (think of this as a backup for your cloud) or Synology to Cloud (think of this as a backup of your synology to the cloud)

2. Polling Interval:  Hallelujah!  This one was long due.  You can now set a polling interval in seconds for how often you want Cloud sync to run.  No more "start/stop" tasks and a much cleaner implementation

3. OneDrive Large File support:  Hey, Microsoft provided the API and now Synology is taking advantage of it. 


There is also a section for Encrypting the data, but it doesn't seem to be active on previously setup Cloud Sync partners.


In the end, the new package has been very stable and has definitely resolved my issue.  I'm also using this in a unidirectional fashion and backing up my OneDrive cloud to my Synology.  This provides me a little more peace of mind.


Highly Recommended! 

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