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microsd boot proxmox odd bay disk


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for some unknown curiosity i am unable to get the microsover to start from the microsd card.


i wanted to install the grub bootloader onto the sd and use it as a bootpartition.


but none of the usual commands worked with the microserver


the normal the floppy emulated ..


none workded.


just auf of frustration i dd the supergrubdisk tot the microsd.

and suddenly it booted.


this is not ideal becuase i alsoways have to manually select the scan disks and then select the found grub entries from the old proxmox install that i swapped to this server.




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System        : ProLiant MicroServer Gen8

Serial No.    : CZ143701NN      
ROM version   : J06 06/06/2014
iLo present   : Yes
Firmware Revision = 2.00 Device type = iLO 4 Driver name = hpilo
its just cracy
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