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P80 and Cloudberry


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I just heard the latest podcast, 98, and there were some questions regarding why Cloudberry Backup was taken out of the latest build of P80. First off let me say that the guys, Andy and crew, are great and I hope the best for their software.


The newer versions of Cloudberry Backup(CB), includes a new way for developers to interact with CB. Instead of referencing a dll they are now getting rid of the dll and using the GAC explicitly. They also do not want me referencing old dll's. I agree with them on this as well. Referencing old stuff just causes headaches, complications and end user frustrations.


My site is run off of ASP.NET via VB.net. Referencing the GAC for users who have CB installed on WHS runs great. However for the users who do not have CB installed then my code fails. As far as I know there is no way to "optionally" reference something in the GAC in ASP.net.


That's it basically. I guess if someone can show me how to optionally reference an assembly in the web.config file or some other way in ASP.net then I could put the functionality back in. I googled for awhile and failed to find anything.

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