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Archlinux Gen 8 1610


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I recently bought a HP gen 8 1610 from Amazon for a pretty cheap price. So far I'm happy with the hardware. However, I'm having a hard time getting the software to run.


What I am trying to do is run Archlinux on this miniserver with a raid1 configuration (software wise). However I can't seem to be able to boot while I am sure I followed the configuration steps in the wiki guide.


So my question is, do I need to change something on the HP end of the side? I already disabled the raid controller and swapped it to AHCI modus. However I still get no luck. At least I think I did... the bootup shows 4 drives and it says it's loading AHCI.


Weird thing is, is that booting up still refers to C: after the HP bootup.


Anyone got any experience with Archlinux on the 1610?


Booting through USB with archlinux works like a charm.

I used syslinux as bootmanager.


Thanks in advance!

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I don't use AHCI, so maybe this is not needed. 


However, when I was using the B120I RAID mode, I needed to explicitly assign a bootdisk or it would not start the OS.

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