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DHCP running on router. Besides port forward what else do i need to do?


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Hi all,


Im starting to use Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and i have already install it on my HP Microserver N40L that is placed on my home and my objective is to make a home network domain based.


DNS is running on the server and DHCP is running on my router thas has UPnP disable.


I have already manually setup port forward for TCP, that on my TP-Link TL-ER5120 router is called Virtual Server (i think...). Anyway after that i manually checked on the server by using the port open free test tool www.canyouseeme.org and it confirm that both port 80 and 443 are open.


I now plan to enable Anywhere Access and VPN on the server using as url the free given my Microsoft (xxx.remotewebaccess.com) and i wanted to know if there is some extra setting that i have to make on my router?


I have heard that because i have DHCP running on the router and also because of the domain based network, that i must had some extra settings on my DHCP or DNS menu on my router to make all work properly.


Is this true? With DHCP running on the router and UPnP disable do i just need to open / forward port 80 and 433 to the server internal ip, or must i also make other changes on my router?


I send attach to this post, a image screenshot of my router DHCP menu and Port Forward (Virtual Server) with the actual settings. As you can see on the Virtual Server menu i think i setup the port forward properly.. but please tell me if i didn't. About the DHCP menu it has entries to domain, gateway and dns servers. Should i use them or leave as it is?





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On the DHCP server, set the primary DNS as the server's IP Address. (set the secondary to the router's IP addres, or to your ISP provided info, or Googe's,


This caches lookups locally, as well as prevent the DNS autoconfiguration from occurring on client machines.

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