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Do i need Static IP from my Internet Provider to run Anywhere Access and VPN?

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Hi all,


Im planning to run a Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials at home and use the build in Anywhere Access and VPN features using as domain the free given by Microsoft xxxx.remotewebaccess.com 


But my home internet provider only gives shared dynamic ip's that randomly changes. So having a Internet Static IP is not an option.


So my question is is i need a internet static ip to properly run Anywhere Access and VPN or will it work ok with a internet dynamic ip?





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You can use a Dynamic DNS provider to take care of this. You use their service to host your DNS record and run a small client program on a computer on your LAN. The program periodically checks your ISP-provided WAN IP and, if it sees that it's changed, it contacts the DDNS provider and updates your record to use the new IP.


I'm using a free DDNS from http://namecheap.com.

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Ho @ikon


Thanks for your response. So just to make it clear e sorry but i really need to have certain on this i leave 3 direct questions bellow. Hope you or other use can help me on this my respoding the 3 questions:


1- Anywhere Access and VPN on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials does not work with a internet dynamic ip address, correct? 


2- I will need a internet static ip address or instead use a dynamic dns service like namecheap or noip with my dynamic ip internet connection?


3- Will Anywhere Access and VPN work properly with a dynamic internet ip + dynamic dns service from namecheap or noip?



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  1. Hmmm, I'm not sure. You've raised a good question. Perhaps you have to use a DDNS from the same provider Microsoft uses to host the remotewebaccess.com domain. I think that's GoDaddy, but I'm not sure. I can't be sure about the details because I'm still using WHS2011, so I'm not using Remote Web Access.


  2. really, this is dependent on the answer to 1.


  3. ditto, this is really asking question 1 again.
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Drashna Jaelre

Microsoft uses GoDaddy for the Dynamic DNS if you use the built in option (.remotewebaccess.com) or the GoDaddy option. the eNom Central option uses ... well eNom for that (and RapidSSL for the certificate). 


So you can absolutely have a changing IP address.  IIRC, it updates every 7 minutes. I could be completely wrong, but I think that's the update frequency.




And you can use other dynamic DNS services. But the Remote website ONLY works over SSL (HTTPS), which means you need a MATCHING certificate to get this working properly, or to accept the self-signed one. Additionally, the RDP Gateway (how you access the dashboard and clients remotely) relies on a certificate as well. So does the default VPN option (SSTP). 

So using the Microsoft domain is best here. Otherwise, one of the built in options is easier.

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Hi all,


So just to make it clear:


Using the free xxx.remotewebaccess.com microsoft domain, with dynamic ip internet access i don't even need to setup some kind of dynamic dns services like noip.com?



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