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I'm running a RAID 0 with two SSD's. One SSD was failing intermittently and finally failed completely. CrystalDiskInfo did tell me the Raw Read Error Rate had failed but I was ignoring it. Corsair replaced the SSD under warranty. I installed the SSD and everthing seemed to be fine. Problem reoccured with a vengence but this time two of my backup files on a seperate hard drive were missing. The only way I can explain this is the failure also corrupted the files on the hard drive. I use CrashPlan to backup my files to a remote computer. I downloaded the missing files, restored my backup and was up and running. I use Acronis True Image 14 Premium to backup my data.


The SSD's are located in the 2.5 internal drive bay on a dual SSD bracket. After the problem occurred I moved them above the 2.5 internal bay to a 3.5 internal drive bay resting on the shelf. When I tried to return them to the 2.5 internal drive bay the problem reoccurred but it didn't corrupt my data. Needless to say I returned them to the 3.5 internal bay and the problem has never reoccurred. I don't think it's a power cable problem. It must be the SATA cable doesn't like that bend in the cable. I think the problem was always occuring on port 0 but I'm not positive. System has been working for a week with no issues.


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