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hi, ive had my n54l for some time now and decided i need to make better use of my 4x2tb drives that i have in there as my synology nas is starting to get low on space.


it currently has 16gb ram and is running vmware esxi 5.5.


i bought a supermicro aoc-usaslp-h8ir as i saw it going fairly cheap last night and the wiki here said it was compatible, now i just need to know what leads i need to use to connect it to my drives, from what i read online it needs SAS "ipass" cable (CBL-0108L-02) does anyone know what this kind of cable is and what type of connectors are with the microserver?


my next thought is to then buy a 4 x2.5 rack (possibily icy dock?) to fill the 5.25 drive bay as ive seen some nice 2 & 4 tb SSD hybrid drives that are regularly on sale - does anyone know if these types of drives are suitable for the microserver, or if i will likely encounter any weird issues?


so assuming i have 8 drives in the server 2 sets of 4 matching drives what would be the best way of setting these up so i have the flexibility to store data on here safely and use it for general vm lab work. if its not advisable to use this machine then for vm type tasks then that wouldnt be the end of the world as i have a second N54L that i also use as a ESXI server


I welcome any comments good or bad, as im still new to this and want to ensure i have a good start :)

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From what little I know... and understand... for the RAID card, you'll need IPASS to SATA III cables... similar to this <<EBAY>>. The IPASS end goes into one of the 2 IPASS connectors on the RAID card, which itself goes into the PCI-e x16 slot on the motherboard.


I've not seen a 4 x 2.5 rack that would fit into a 5.25 bay... but then, I've not been looking I guess! If you find one, please do post a link. Assuming that you manage to fine one and fit it into the ODD, you'll need to connect the HDDs to the RAID card and power them too. For this which you'll need a molex to 4-way power splitter. You can connect this to the molex point supplied for the ODD drive.


I'm not sure if the PSU will be able to sustain all this power... if you're going all this way, you might as well upgrade the PSU too ! But then again... why not just grab a full sized server cab !?! You could run a proper quad core (or two) cpus to power a kick-ass server! And mount as many drives as you want to too!


One question - 2 to 4 Tb SDDs !?!?! Regularly on sale !?!?! What, where, when, how? Quick tell me...! lol... on a serious note, I believe you meant 2-4Tb 2.5" HDDs. That should be fine. From what I gather, SSDs for NAS aren't a good idea unless they're enterprise rated (which would be ultra expensive!)... if you're willing to spend thousands of £££ on enterprise rated SSDs/RAID cards/etc... well, why not just buy yourself a few dozen TB of cloud space for a few years!?!




Hope that helps.

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