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Upgrading Drives - questions


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Looking to try out these 8TB drives when they are released:http://www.seagate.com/products/enterprise-servers-storage/nearline-storage/archive-hdd/


Does the B120i integrated controller support the following?


1) Remove a drive one at a time, rebuild the array, rinse and repeat until all slots are populated with 8TB drives.

2) Enter EITHER the Smart Array controller or Windows and then EXTEND the partition without losing data.


Currently have 4 x 4TB drives in RAID 1+0 on a Gen8 Microserver, and would like to move up to 8 x 8TB.


Anyone have any experience with a RAID expansion on this server?  Otherwise I'm looking at a lot of data to push over those ethernet ports.


Thanks in advance.

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I cant find the link right now, but HP Dynamic RAID controllers with no memory can not perform capacity expansion. HP Smart Array controllers can. The confusion comes from the B320i which can support a cache memory module and I think it may support expansion. 

Regardless the B120i does not support expansion.

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If I understand this, then I would not be able to add a drive the my raid 0 on my gen 8?  I have a single 2t drive and would like to add a second.  I am running vmware esxi 5.5 and still have room but I would like to add another drive in the future.  If I read this right I would not be able to?  What about switching between raid 0 and 1 would that require losing my data on the existing raid 0?

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