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The Best Drives for Your NAS - YouTube Video


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Maybe, but lets include full disclosure here.


A majority of the Seagate drives they use were shelled Seagate Backup Plus drives (externals).  





What is the likely cause of this?

It may be that those drives are less well-suited to the data center environment. Or it could be that getting them by drive farming and removing them from external USB enclosures caused problems. We’ll continue to monitor and report on how these drives perform in the future.


Additionally, this wasn't even a fair comparison.


Next time, they should compare WD Green to Seagate Enterprise drives....

Because THIS time, the comparison was shelled Seagate Desktop (ST3000DM001) vs WD Red drives. That's not even the same line. 

It's literally like comparing apples and oranges.

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Yeah. The one way I could find this to be a fair comparison is if it was a very common practice for people to use these 2 drive models in NAS devices. In that case I would consider it fair in order to give people info on the pros and cons of using those particular models.

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The BackBlaze study gives a lot of information, but none of it should be used for comparison. 

The only way it would be reliably for comparison is if BackBlaze used literally every model of drive on the market.

Until then, you'll get biased comparisons as listed above.

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