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Getting fed up with backup database corruption

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This is going to sound a little strange but I find the Corsair warranty is a double edged sword. Yes, it's fantastic that they warranty their RAM for life. On the other hand, the only RAM I've ever had to return for replacement is Corsair; kind of like, "It's a good thing you've got that warranty, cause you're gonna need it". :)

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Ikon. Yes, has a single pair in the server while I RMA'd the other pair. All was fine with the single, stable pair. My first time battling RAM issues...in past I've typically installed and set BIOS to

Agreed. This is first time I can recall having to swap RAM and it too was Corsair under their lifetime warranty. However I found their customer service/RMA process to be fast and painless.

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I'm guessing the stuff was not the most expensive ram you could buy at the time :)


I prefer to buy ram with lifetime warranty. I had only a single stick of Crucial go bad on me and it was quickly replaced, out of around 20 sticks I've bought over the years.


likewise, since some network switches have lifetime warranty, I prefer that as well. I ended up getting two netgear smart switches 'upgraded' for free when they got replaced under warranty. I only wish wireless routers came with that kind of warranty.

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Just a quick update to say - so far so good!


Only been a month or so thus far but no corruptions yet so hopefully...

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Thanks for posting back. I suspect you have got it fixed and the issue is resolved. Now, you just have to get over the idea that Client Computer Backups are fragile or unreliable. After all, it really appears that faulty hardware was the problem — WSE2012R2 can hardly be blamed for that :)

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