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Getting fed up with backup database corruption

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Whilst I'm generally liking 2012ER2 since I moved from WHS2011, the backup database issues are starting to grate.


Three times now my backups have just stopped working and I've had to do a backup database repair to get them going again.  Each time there's been nothing wrong with the disk itself and I've not lost any backups as a result of the repair process.  It just seems like it's unstable and lunches itself on a regular basis.  Not reassuring at all.

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Ikon. Yes, has a single pair in the server while I RMA'd the other pair. All was fine with the single, stable pair. My first time battling RAM issues...in past I've typically installed and set BIOS to

I must admit, I too have recently started encountering issues and am perplexed.  Yet my drives are and have been fine.


1.) I recently had to stop my Windows Server Backup scheduled, reformat my backup HDD pool and recreate the schedule in order to get a SUCCESSFUL WSB

2.) I've been getting Client Backup Corruption reports only to run the client backup database repair and now find ALL backups for each client with a yellow yield sign (INCOMPLETE)

3.) If I stop the client backup services, delete everything in my \client computer backups folder then restart the service, the backup history disappears (good) but the BACKUP STATUS then changes to UNKNOWN for all clients.  None of which are able to start a new backup.


Clearly something has changed with this OS... not sure whether a function of recent windows updates or what.  Very difficult to pinpoint.  VERY CONCERNING.


Client Backups are one of, it not THE, best features of this OS in a home environment.

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And again!


It seems to coincide with the maintenance process that runs early on Sundays.  My last backups are from Saturday, nothing since then at all.


Backups are on a dedicated drive.

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Am observing same issue on my server. No hardware changes. Clearly something else causing this perhaps a Windows system update. Very frustrating.

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